Our Tokenized Securities Offering is currently available to residents of the following countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Russia, United Kingdom, United States
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Sia's incentives: Siafunds Tokenized Securities Offering (TSO) distributes Sia's revenue to holders of siafunds, the world's largest decentralized data storage platform, and community building is a very correct decision.
This is how Sia works.
Sia: Story of two tokens

Sia created two tokens, one for utilities and the other for investment.

When designing the New Asia Network in 2014, we chose to pursue a very different token model.

We have two: a utility tag (Siacoin) and a revenue sharing tokenization security (Siafunds) Not a tag.


There are utility tokens that can access goods or services on a decentralized blockchain network. Sia's utility is cloud storage. The subscribers on Sia use Siacoin to purchase storage space from the global host network, and the host receives Siacoin to store tenant data.

Siacoin is specifically designed as a practical marker and has never been used for fundraising.

Siacoin is launched in a way similar to Bitcoin, and the software can be released to early user groups for free. This is a work proof mark, mined by a large network of GPUs and ASICs.


Siafunds is a revenue sharing token. We believe that Siafunds is a token security rather than a practical token.Public tokens derive their value primarily from the use of decentralized networks. In contrast, Siafunds from Sia Their value is derived from the current and future value of storage-related transactions on the network.

Siafunds reserves the right to pay a fixed fee to its owner for payment by Sia network tenants and hosts. This portion together accounts for 3.9% of all storage contract expenses.

There are currently 10,000 Siafunds, all generated when the Sia network was launched in 2015. Due to Siafunds The number is fixed, with the increase in the number and size of contracts on the Sia network, every Siafund The increase is proportional.

Our incentive Siafunds Tokenized Securities offering (TSO)

You can participate in the Siafunds Tokenized Securities Offering (TSO). 20% of your funds will be allocated to buy siacoin, 80% will be used to purchase siafund to get the benefit sharing from siafund, which we think is the most scientific allocation.

Inviting friends to participate in the Siafunds Tokenized Securities Offering (TSO) incentives will bring a lot of attention to our community building.

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